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i have osteo in my fingers , hands and wrist, some good days , some bad days, the problem i am having is getting in and out of the car, holding the door , as car parking spaces are not wide enough to just open the door and get out, you have to hold it so you dont damage car next to you, but is that enough reason to apply for a badge, having bad day today :(


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    It's always worth trying. If you don't ask, you don't get. Meanwhile try to park in an end slot so that your door opens wide. Good luck.
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    BBs are awarded for many reasons and as Sticky says, you won't know until you try. Having one, however, is no guarantee of a space - provision is nowhere near meeting the level of demand. When I cannot get one I do as Sticky suggests and park in an end space - I need room to wrestle my rollator out of the back of the car, it stands behind my seat. DD
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    Thank you, my hubby always tries to park in an end one for me, just realised why, lol, don't mind the extra walking if it's at the far end lol
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    Settler, my council only gives blue badges for mobility reasons, unless you get higher rate dla. You sort of have to be upper body limbless in order to get it if you can walk and you don't get the right benefit. I don't believe that is the right way but it's worth talking to the officers before you apply to see what their criteria are.
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    Give it a try and appeal if they say no.......what have you got to lose.
    What about people with heart problems that cant walk far to get to the car......I know that is mobility in a way but not obvious as in arthritis/limp
    Anyway give it a try

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    Hello Settler
    You go for it like the others have said nothing to lose, it all depend on were you live..has to what disabilities you have..good luck and please let us know how you get on..

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