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I woke up yesterday at 4am with sharp spasm pains in my back shooting to my hips everytime I tried to move. This went on most of the day yesterday so I tried to keep movement to a minimum. When I started to move up the stairs to bed every step was very painful and that's when I started to get pains in my left leg as well. That's when I realised this was the start of a flare up! This is my 1st flare up in a while, my last was summer last year I think? it has been a long while! I slept (say I slept more like short spurts) sitting up because that was the most comfortable. Today I feel run down and yuk on top of everything else so going to get as comfortable as I can and catch up on my recorded telly!


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    I'm so if you're flaring, bubbadog. I do hope it settles quickly as your shoulder and knee did recently though, whenever I've had a flare, it's required a rheumatology visit and change of meds to sort it out. I hope that won't be the case for you.
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    Hope things settle down quickly Bubba and you manage to get some relief...............Marie xx
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    How are you today? I hope you're starting to feel a bit better or at least get control of that pain.
    Sending you good vibes.
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    You have my sympathy!! I hope ure able to get it under control asap.


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