My 4Yr old Little girl has possible JIA Help and Advice plz?

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Hi, My 4 year old was 'diagnosed' by a Physiotherapist in a&e with having Arthritis last Thursday.
She first had joint pain in her ankle in November 2013, and she couldnt walk on it for the whole day. We rested it, and it went away, so we all assumed that it was nothing, and she was possibly 'milking it' to get a day off school! She then has complained of achy legs, pins and needles in her legs ever since, and we just put it down to growing pains. She also complained of her teeth hurting in November, so we took a trip to the dentist, and they told us she had cracks in alot of her teeth, and to be careful and not let her eat anything hard as its causing her pain. But other than that, all healthy and no fillings needed. She also became extremely tired to the point we had to buy her an alarm clock to get out of bed! She also started waking up with puffy eyes.
These symptoms then faded away, with the odd exception of 'Achy legs'
Then on 26th February, she complained her ankle area was hurting again, so we let her rest, and she went to bed. When she woke up, she walked and fell to the floor as it caused her excruciating pain, we tried to carry on, and the pain seemed to be quite sever, and i noticed her ankle area was swollen, and hurt her to touch it. In the end i took her to a&e, expecting an x-ray, and to be told she had sprained it, but we were told she has Arthritis. I never even knew at that moment that children could get it! I was in shock. We are now waiting to hear from the specialists for our referral, but i just wanted to know if any of my daughters symptoms seem familiar to anyone else's children who suffer with JIA? Some advice would be much appreciated, as im not sure what to expect next! Also, some help on how to help my daughter day to day while were waiting for help would be great, as she is in pain, but i dont know how to help ease it for her?


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    Hello keenCookHolly. I'm so sorry to hear that your little girl has arthritis. I have a grandson her age and it must be devastating to hear the diagnosis especially if, like most of the population, you'd no idea children could get it. As you'll have guessed, I'm not the parent of a child with arthritis but I've had it myself since I was 15 and I just wanted to say something because the forum might be down for a few days after day for 'refurbishing' as it were. All I can suggest is that you read other parents' posts, download some of Arthritis Care's publications, especially about children and arthritis, and hang on in there. I shall be thinking of you both.
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am so sorry you have had to find us. Yes, you've learned the hard way that children can have arthritis - the youngest I've come across on here was 18 months old at first diagnosis. It's a pig. End of.

    I hope that your referral comes through sooner rather than later and I concur with Sticky about reading through the threads on here so you can hear others' experiences. The forum may be absent for a day or two this week but we'll be back to check on you, promise. I wish you both well. DD
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    Hi there,
    My daughter was diagnosed at 2. Have a read through some of my previous posts and feel free to get in touch to ask me anything you need to. I would be very glad to help where I can.
    I'm thinking of you all as you embark on this journey and hope we can ease your mind by answering any questions you may have and supporting you.

    best wishes