Don't forget! Forum will be down

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Have you all seen our webmanager's thread above in 'Announcements'? As not many have acknowledged it I thought I should draw attention to it before it goes down. The forum might be off tomorrow and Wed or maybe just Wed but the technical terminology is 'a bit dodgy' until Thurs :D Check it out above.
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  • hileena111
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    Thanks Sticky
    I had remembered but thanks for the reminder anyway.

  • lindalegs
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    Thanks from me too. :D

    Love, Legs x
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  • dreamdaisy
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    I too have remembered - it's on my calendar etc. That, however, doesn't mean I won't try to log in. :oops: Thanks for the extra reminder, Sticky. DD
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  • villier
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    Thanks for the reminder Sticky I had remembered but wasn't sure exactly what days it was. Maybe I will have time now to get some housework done :lol: xx
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  • barbara12
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    Thanks SW..I can just see us all sitting by the comp trying to log on...sorry I mean me :wink: ....sad yes but I do love to chat to you all...
  • dachshund
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    Hello Sticky
    I remembered I came to see and i'm here.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx