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I am due to go for an employment support allowance appeal on 17th march. They said I could forward any further evidence I wish them to consider. I have asked my gp to write about my arthritis but she told me they don't get involved. She gave me copies of my last x-ray reports and I don't know if I should send them.
Can anyone tell me what Pelvis" mild evidence of subarticular roof degenerative sclerosis bilaterally" means? Also lumber spine "multilevel osteophytes. Mild degenerative facet joint desease within the inferior lumber spine" Also left knee "moderate degenerative change with osteophyte formation, joint space reduction and joint effusion seen"
I'm concerned that this report doesn't tally with the amount of pain I have.
I rang the helpline and spoke to a very nice lady who when I told her about the horrific pain I have in my buttocks and back of thighs suggested ankylising spondilitis and said I should ask to be referred to a rhumatologist. I have previously asked my gp for a referal due to my pain and inflamatory markers. She was very sniffy and pretty much refused. She sent me for another blood test for inflamatory markers, I saw another gp for the results and he gave me naproxon. You know how it is dread going to see your gp and they pooh pooh any suggestion you make...or is it just me and my gp :?
I also have fibromyalgia so I just get told "there's nothing we can give you other than what you're already taking"
Sorry for such a long boring post, but I need your advice. Deb


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    Hi Deb;

    Can you see a different GP for a second opinion? Perhaps after reviewing your xrays they would write a rheumatology referral letter for you. This is how I got mine; my GP would not refer me. They should consider everything, xrays, symptoms you report, and bloods. However, often seronegative types of arthritis often don't show any elevation of inflammatory markers in blood.

    I can't explain all the terms you mention but osteophytes are bony growths forming along the margins of your vertebrae and knee. Joint effusion is swelling. Joint space narrowing is a non-specific term for multiple types of arthritis. Facet joints are stabilizing joints between the bony parts that stick off the vertebra which allow your spine to remain stable while twisting.

    If your GP is unwilling to go through everything with you, seek a second opinion, then you can also ask to see a rheumatologist.

    Best wishes.
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    We are not doctors but I reckon the key words here are 'mild' and 'moderate'. They may not (to your mind) tally with the pain you feel but everyone's pain levels vary; one man's mild discomfort is another's agony. I know that GPs are good at theory but we deal with the reality. I wish it were different. :(

    If she has given you copies of Xray results then include them, they are evidence and you need to produce the best evidence you can to support your claim, including details of the fibro. I am not familiar with this claims process but I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben