DLA Renewal - Nervous!

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I'm no nervous, my DLA renewal is due after my 10 year claim ends on 29th March.

I've sent it in end of January and they said on the 8th February that they are writing to my GP.

I have various other medical problems including coalition and arthritis of the feet joints.

I provided letters from the various people at the hospitals I see but for my balance problems, I only see the GP which I didn't have any evidence for.

Would they be writing to my GP to confirm my balance problems, do you think?

My main focus of my claim is for my balance (as a result of being profoundly deaf and damaged cochlea's) but with my fused feet, my balance is so much worse as I can't counteract my poor balance of my ears because my feet don't move so I just fall over all the time.


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    They probably will write to your GP for evidence but as you have been to see him he would have some kind of record about the balance problems. I'd emphasize the balance problems in the DLA form as they will be quite important in determining your award. Remember if you get turned down or get a reduced award you can appeal.

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    Thank you :)