Rheumatoid arthritis

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Hi I am looking for a little bit of help on rheumatoid arthritis I am 43 years of age and I have had arthritis in both my hips now for about 10 years and developed about 6years ago degenerate arthritis in my neck between c5 and c6, this has left a disc bulging to the left side causing various long term issues, my job is not the best in the world for this condition because it involves a lot of lifting, last year I had a situation where my neck was playing up and I think it created a whole lot of other conditions breathing arm pain and then I think it led to chronic sinusitis with infection in all areas of my sinus requiring an operation, unfortunately just before Christmas I had a vehicle accident and suffered with whiplash but it seemed to send my body into overdrive again as if it was attacking itself I had issues again in breathing, swallowing and both arms went very weak my sinusis don't feel right again and my left shoulder has got a constant dull pain at the min and feels so tender inside, my question is could I have rheumatoid arthritis and can it cause these types of symptoms if it is aggravated , many thanks Craig


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    Hello craig. I'm sure the helplines people will be along soon. I'm just an ordinary forum member.

    Your arthritis sounds to be having a big impact on your life, both on its own and the knock-on stuff. The job sounds a difficult one to be doing with your problems. I don't suppose there would be any chance of lighter duties?

    None of us, including the helpline people are qualified to diagnose anything. The only way to be sure you don't have RA, or some other inflammatory form of arthritis, is to ask for (a)a blood test and (b)a referral to a rheumatologist. The blood tests, if positive, do help but, even if they come back negative, you could still have an inflammatory arthritis hence the rheumatology referral.

    I've had RA for many years and this doesn't sound at all like mine but you'll only get a proper answer by going through the right channels. Has any doc ever mentioned RA to you? Or auto-immune forms of arthritis? Do any family members have it?

    I think a good long chat with your GP might be a starting point.
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    Thanks Stickywicket,
    I have made appointments today with the doctors and physio, think its time I got some proper answers, I owe it to my family, I feel like I've been a pain to live with this last 3 months, it's hard to explain to people what your body seems to be doing to itself especially when it can't be seen from the outside, which a lot of people on this site will understand.

    Thanks again Craig
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    Hi Craig
    Thank you for your posting, it sounds as if you have really had a lot going on and that can be so tough. You ask if you could have ‘rheumatoid arthritis’. I have just read Stickywickets really helpful response to you and that has left me little that I can add. As he said we are not medically trained on the helplines.

    You say you have now made appointments with the doctors and physio, and hopefully now you will get some conclusive answers. It can be so tough when we don’t really know what’s going on. At least when we do we can then become informed which can be helpful.

    You mention work, the link below will give you information about ‘Work and arthritis’
    I am really sorry to hear that you feel like you’ve been a pain to live with, it can be so hard when something can’t be seen on the outside!

    Craig if you would like to talk to one of us on the Helplines: 0808 800 4050 (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm) here we can talk informally and in confidence. It can be really helpful talking to someone non-judgemental and having a listening ear.
    Best wishes