Newly diagnosed RA at 25

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Hi all

Just looking for a bit of hope form people about living with RA. Currently waiting to seen my specialist dr to set up a management plan. Really struggling with symptoms I have joint pain and swelling in my feet, knees, shoulders, wrists and hands and fingers.

Feeling quite helpless and hard to deal with the pain, I've been given naproxen and co-codamol for now and use heat therapy which helps but what other suggestions do people have?

Glad I found this forum as I was feeling quite alone with dealing with this diagnosis.

Thanks everyone,


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    Hi Lizzie

    I am 21 and was diagnosed with arthritis just over a year ago so completely know the helplessness you are feeling.

    Its so horrible to go from someone who was totally independent and then small things such are opening jars defeat you! I have tried hydroxychloroquinine a sulphasalazine for treatment and have now learnt to self inject methotrexate which seemeds to be working slowly but surely (fingers crossed!)

    I am on naproxen and tramadol which is stronger than co-codamol so may be worth seeing if you can have a stronger painkiller if things are bad. Last year I had to write in my uni exams which skewed my hands out, I got a wax bath which melts wax and you can put your hands in for heat therapy and this really helped :) And luckily this year I can type my exams thank god!

    An don't worry you are not alone! So nice on here to talk to people with the disease I found it really helpful when I was first diagnosed and still do to realise its not just me who is always tired and has bad days.

    Sorry for the essay :P Hope this helps, if you have any other questions just fire away!

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    hi Lizzie , had RA almost 20 years myself , still learning about it but the treatments are so much better than when I first started

    have you been refered to a Rheumatologist as they need to start you on some drugs pretty soon , your GP could give you a steriod injection to help you through until you get seen by a consultant
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    Yes been urgently referred luckily I live where there is a dedicated hospital for rheumatoid diseases. But desperate for the first appointment.

    Good to hear how the treatment has improved. Might talk to my gp about the steroid injection if my appointment doesn't come quick!

    Thank you for taking the time to reply :)
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have psoriatic arthritis plus osteo and I am the only one in my social circle to have arthritis. I am much older than you but I remember the feelings of loneliness and isolation - finding the forum was a revelation for me because suddenly there were people just like me just a key-stroke away.

    In the years that I have had the PsA there have been changes and developments in the available medications but what hasn't altered is the rather erratic 'trial and error' process we have to go through to find the one or ones that make a difference. One thing I would say is not to pay too much attention to the side-effects: they are not guaranteed, OK? We are carefully monitored when taking the meds so be conscientious about getting your bloods done when you should. It is a steep learning curve and not only for you; your friends and family will also be affected by what is happening. Two useful reads are The Spoon Theory and There's a Gorilla in my House - both are on the interweb and they provide clear explanations of how our lives are altered by on-going chronic conditions. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Lizzie , I was 27 when I was diagnosed and I'd just had my first baby 6 weeks before.I just want to reassure you that you still can have a normal life with RA. It's just not the life you expected. I'm now 42 and have 2 kids .I have a full time job as a primary teacher and have found new hobbies to accommodate my arthritis. I'm pretty sore every day - I won't deny that and it's not easy. I take a whole array of different meds to keep me going and I'm about to try anti tnf soon to try and control the RA. If this forum had been around 16 years ago I'd have loved it. Hope that helps :)
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    Hi Lizzie,

    I was diagnosed when I was 21. I am now nearly 26 and slowly adjusting to life with RA. Like others have said, once you've started on the medications, you'll hopefully see an improvement in symptoms.

    Glad you found us here, I think you'll find this a great place to be. :)
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    Hi lizzie,

    I was 21 when I was diagnosed and in my final year of uni. It was very hard at first to come to an acceptance after being a young fit healthy person! however when I was put on the right drugs (sulfasalazine then methotrexate for me) I improved a lot and am luckily to say I've lived a mostly normal life during my 20s (I'm now 28). Like DD said try not to google the drugs and worry about the side effects too much, I was terrified of starting methotrexate, thought my hair would fall out etc but I was on it 6.5 years with very little problems. the arthritis research uk website is very good for giving you more info.

    I only recently found this forum but I think it would have been useful in the beginning when I found it so hard to understand the disease and wondered why it was happening etc.

    I hope you get seen soon and start something to make you feel better xx
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    Hi Lizzie,

    Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed. I was diagnosed with arthritis at 19 (I'm now 21). I understand what it's like to be newly diagnosed and thrown into a world where there are constant doctors appointment. It can be a big shock coming to terms with an illness and can make people feel very isolated. The main thing to remember is that you are not alone, there are lots of people wanting to give you support especially here on the forrums :).

    Unfortunately, as DD said, the proccess of getting diagnosed, put on some medication, leaving that to work for 4 months, put on something else etc. can take a bit of time but hopefully you'll find something that works. The medications I'm on at the moment are working well and allowing me to do some work. Seeing a counsellor was benifical, for me personally, to help come to turms with getting arthritis.

    There can be a lot of infomation to take in at once so sometimes it's worth writing useful things down to come back to at a later time.

    What's were you doing in life before you got diagnosed?

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    Hi Lizzie and welcome to Arthritis Care forum. I was in my late 20's early 30's when I was diagnosed. It is a total shock and takes a while to come to terms with and change your life to cope with. But you are in the right place to get support and advice.
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    Hello Lizzie
    I was very angry when I started getting aches and pains at 21 ( 24 now). I took a long time to get diagnosed. However,there is hope and the treatments are getting better. Life does go on, there will be ups and downs but you will get through it. All the best.
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?