Given a long time to live!

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Hello folks,
Well as you may know I recently had a hysterectomy but what I didn't say was that the week before my op my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.with her living in Ireland and me not being well I felt a million miles away. Well the day after my surgery Mum had surgery and the day after that it was her birthday. So anyway Mum went up to the Breast Hospital in Dublin to see her Surgeon and the the tumour was larger than first thought and there were cells in the node that had also been removed. It has been decided that Mum should take Tamoxifen and has got 5 weeks of radio therapy to get through. Well after seeing the Doc Mum went to see the Co-ordinator who talked her through her treatment. " So Mrs Jackson you'll need to see Prof so and so every three months and have a mammogram every so many months for the first so many years. Then for the next so many years you'll need to see prof so and so every six months and mammograms every so many months for the next five years. After that you'll need to see Prof....." " hang a minute " says Mother " oh I'm sorry Mrs Jackson am I going too fast for you? Is there something I didn't explain?" " no" says Mum " it's not that! But at this rate I'll be 115!- I'm 81 for goodness sake!" Thank good ness through all this Mum hasn't lost her sense of humour and with a bit of lucky I'll have inherited the longevity gene from her too .

Love Kate xx


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    Your mum does have a great sense of humour! My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, had a lumpectomy and chemo, and now 13 years later (@85yrs) is still cancer-free!

    Wishing you and your mum well,
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    Hi Kate
    My mam hasn't been diagnosed with breast cancer but is on warfarin, mobility is dreadful, has aged macular degeneration, you name it :? but her mind is a sharp as it ever was.

    My point being I'm in the North East and she's in Belfast so I know how you feel......she is 91 this month and is more concerned about my THR than her own aches and pains etc.
    Like you I hope I inherit her longevity gene :wink:

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    Tee hee Kate. She is right of course. I'm sure she will just carry on enjoying herself and not worry.

    Elizabeth x