The end of an era.

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I 'sold' my late parents' house on 10 October 2013, six months to the day after my mum's death. It went to a young couple with two small children who, for some obscure reason, fell for 57 in all its original glory. And I mean original: Critall leaded-light windows and boiler from the mid-seventies.

The initial chain failed earlier this year so my buyer took the initiative and found another buyer for her house. Today it all came to fruition. She, her husband and their two children are spending their first night in 57 (apparently the house of her dreams). I am relieved (it's cost much in heating and storm damage) yet bereaved all over again. I have sent them a 'Welcome to your new house' card including a photo of me on my reins (held by my rather glamorous-looking Ma) as we explore the foundations of our new house. Her family are only the second group of people to move in since 1961.

I'm an only and, for once, feeling rather lonely. DD


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    That's good that it has gone DD
    I can understand your feelings but at the same time its a load of your mind {and your purse} :lol:

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    Aha DD :?

    Not an easy time, but also rather heart-warming that a new family will get pleasure out of the house your Ma and Pa fell in love with :)

    I am glad you don't live near enough to see your old home often, that might be unsettling. It is for me as I can see my parents' old bungalow whenever I visit a friend of mine.

    On a positive note it's done now and dusted. As you say end of an era; start of a new one.

    Love and ((()))

    Toni xxx
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    I didn't have to do this with my parents they rented..but I'm so glad I didn't it was hard enough having to empty there house..end of an era..but the beginning of another one in your new house..x
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    I'm amidst an era.
    Forty years ago yesterday, ie 14 March 1974, the Chief Fairy
    and I along with our three infant children, moved into the home
    where she and I continue to live. The said infant children are long
    since grown up and away, and over the years the CF and I have
    expanded our lifestyles so that we take up and use all of the property
    and often wonder how the devil two adults and three evergrowing
    and everdemanding teenagers managed to live in reasonable harmony
    and much happiness.
    We are going to celebrate the 40 years with a family reunion at Easter,
    whereafter, hopefully, my bride and I will peg on for a few years more.
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    DD, I remember when we completed on my Mom & Dad in law's house and we went and made sure the house was empty for the last time on the day we completed it was a sad feeling. It was hard closing the door for the last time knowing it was over. It was heart breaking. But in a way it helped knowing the people who moved in loved the house, as with your mothers home. It will hurt knowing that this it as you say the end of an era, I hope your feeling a little better with it all now. I send you a (())
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    The house holds many happy memories so it will be hard to let go. However see this is as the dawning of a new era.

    Elizabeth x
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    Oh my word. :oops: Thank you, each and every one, for taking the time to reply. I freely admit that today has been interspersed with episodes of leaky eyes (I don't usually do the leaky-eye thing but I understand its value) and yes, it's helping. Mr DD is somewhat nonplussed but hey-ho, he has a brother and is a bloke. I don't have any siblings and am definitely a girl. Hmmmmmm. :wink: (As a matter of interest, is there the feminine equivalent of 'bloke' ? )

    To be honest, I am grieving again which may not be such a bad thing. It has to be done but now the rugby beckons. Allez les Bleus! :wink: DD
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    That must be tough.. another of life's little processes.. we always moved around as a family so I have no real roots, and though I am now back in the house my parents retired to, it doesn't have attachment for me (or if it does, mostly negative). Must be entirely different for you with a lifetime of connections and especially as the original inhabitees.. so much association. Hope it helps in some small way to know it is in good hands and has occupants who are obviously proper looker-after types, and appreciate it. They sound good sorts. :)
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    So many happy memories were made there DD and there will be many more made by the new family. It sounds as if they love it.
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    Being an only child and having to deal with the loss of both parents a lone must to sooooooo hard. You deserve a medal DD for being so strong and getting through all the different stages. You will have times when the grief will catch you out for a long time. My OH & I still get times when grief catches us out, I had a moment on Friday when I was sitting on their bench with 'the kids' (cats) and I thought Mom & Dad would love them. And I had a little cry. By the way I think the feminine equivalent of 'bloke' is 'bird'! Hope you enjoyed the ruggers!!
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    Oh, I am a dim woman, of course bird is the female equivalent - thank you Bubba! (Also known as a 'Richard' in this household, thanks to rhyming slang as created by a mate of Mr DD's.)

    Yes, grief does catch one unawares from time-to-time but it's all part of the process of accepting and moving on, yes? It saddens me very much that Ma has not been able to see No. 10, or Pa the wonder that is Beatrice but that cannot be changed; why fret or get upset?

    I have sent a card to the new occupants of 57 wishing them every happiness in their new home. We had one from the lady we bought from and I've also sent one to the new owners of our old house. DD
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    Its so hard DD selling off the house and what to do with all the belongings
    i know it was a while ago but i do hope your ok