Free Scottish residential weekends for under 25s

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Just thought I'd mention if you live in scotland and are under 25 its worth looking into Joint Potential through arthritis care scotland. They run about 6 weekends a year where young people can meet other young people with arthritis. Some of the weekends include coming to terms with it, outdoor activity weekends, self image and confidence, relationships etc. and they provide free accommodation and travel. I'm due to go to my first one in a couple of months and am very excited!

Sorry if you don't live in the area but it is important to share some of the resources and some of the great work arthritis care do!


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    Wow, what a great thing! I wouldn't qualify because my age, etc but thought I would bump this up. Sounds like a great opportunity and I'm jealous. Have fun!
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    Sounds great. Shame I am not near. Glad they do things like that though.
    How am I gonna be an optimist about this?