Swollen joints?

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I've had my first rheumatology appointment today, I've got OA in my right hip and joint pains in my other hip, knees, hands, shoulder and back. I was given an x-ray of my hands and several blood tests were taken to see if I had RA. I was told that if I do I will be called back in 6 weeks but if the RA tests are negative then it is likely that I have mechanical joint pain - I'm not sure if this means OA or not and I would be called back in 8 months. She said that I'm too young for wear and tear of my joints but at the same time I don't have any swelling around my joints which makes RA is an indicator of RA.

I was wondering if anyone has RA without any swelling of their joints? It's taken a few years to get this appointment and I'm feeling a little down as I'm still non the wiser as to what's wrong with me. I know I need to be patient but I'm fed of playing the waiting game. :cry:


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    I have no experience of RA but to tell you, you are too young for wear and tear of joints is rubbish. I was 20 years old when I got told I had OA and another joint problem called coalition in my feet.

    Good Luck tho, I do hope you get answers.
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    Hello Kazzab123
    Sorry I have only just seen this,
    I have had OA around 4years now ,at the beginning I did see a rheumy to have bloods done, and was told all clear, but I have found out that these blood should be repeated twice a year ..arthritis is very complex and there is a couple of hundred different types.
    I have many joints involved and have had a THR 7 months ago,but now my hands and feet have started to swell..so off we go again...I am waiting for another rheumy appointment..make sure you make a list of anything that you can think of that has appeared since you first started..good luck and I hope you get some answers very soon..
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    I have ra and do get swelling when it is active, & it is a classic ra symptom, although when well-controlled by drugs that would be expected to at least go down... but as your joints are troublesome that does not fit your case. The other thing is that blood tests can be negative especially for rheumatoid factor and that does not rule ra out entirely, you were told it makes it less likely but that's as far as it goes. Hope your tests do tell you something useful; if you mean that you won't be called back for 8 months if they are negative, that sounds rather a long time. All the best, toady.