Isn't gravity annoying sometimes

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However well you squeeze out a sponge or some such thing that you intend to use at a level higher than horizontal (say wash face), water will run down your arm to your elbow & up your sleeve.. and however well you roll up your sleeve before doing a watery job at a level lower than horizontal (say wash dishes), it in turn will always fall down again in time for it to trail in the water.

Just a small damp annoyance to add to life's larger list, isn't it. :roll: :lol:


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    Toady that is one thing which really annoys me. I can't stand soggy sleeves. I often end up having to change my jumper after washing my hands or the dishes.
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    how right you are Toady!!!
    Someone should invent a solution to that issue
    l think it's a wonder b*tterware or kl**neze haven't come up with anything yet ;)
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    That is so true Toady every morning I try to have a wash without my rolled up sleeves getting wet but no matter how hard I try it never stops it. Also Arnie always manages to get a wet head from standing at the side of me! Maybe we need those plastic cuffs they use in food factories!! I wonder where they get them? :? hhhhmmmm... Until them we have to live with soggy sleeves & Arnie's wet head!
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    My solution for the face washing is upper-body nudity and for the latter wearing a Tshirt (plus rubber gloves to protect my delicate little pandies). You can get extra-long-cuffed gloves but they also tend to droop to wrist level on using the hands - pointless. I have seen plastic forearm protectors in some catalogues but, as they too would get wet and require drying then I'd rather just towel off my gloves.

    Other annoyances of life include dust, blocked sink strainers, cobwebs and (occasionally) husbands. DD
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    Yes! That is guaranteed to happen. My question is, if it's guaranteed to happen, why does it continue to be irritating?
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    Toady so glad it annoys some else..sorry but you know what I mean..and how come when I forget to put the non slip mat in the bath..the water is just above my sleeves..even if rolled up... :roll:
  • Turbogran
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    Toady I so agree with you the same always happens to me without fail
    and so annoying so glad I'm not the only one it happens to.
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    Lol damp sleeves (and cat's heads) all round then :lol: I'm sure there are ways & means.. I've sometimes thought about something elasticated to hold sleeves up (my dad used to wear those excellent gentlemen's metal expanding ones), something like a hair elastic.. or towelling sporty wristbands for facewashing.. but really, laziness comes into play frankly. I'll skip the nudity thanks :shock: each to their own :lol: . The watery-dribble-down-elbow effect would still bug me.

    Yes it is one of those irritating even though you're expecting it things, like 'ohhh, fancy that happening, tut, sigh..' :lol:
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    Mind u did u see the space station program the other night where the guy had a water leak in his space helmet when he was outside, water acts like a globular mass and built up around his head and was threatening to drown him as the surface tension caused it to stick and spread around his head!.