Ants are back!

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Does anyone have any tried and tested natural remedies to ward off ants?

With the recent good weather my home now has many new residents! I have cleaned the floors over and over but that's not helping.

I have a toddler and cat who get into everything. So, would like a safe way to get rid of the ants without harming toddler and cat.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • krisbe
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    you need to get one of those little box type ant killers you can get from the supermarket. You have to put it on the ant trail. They go inside and then take it back to the nest and so they all get killed.
  • rondetto
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    One thing they hate is bleach. We had nests of ants and one of flying ants.
    I mopped the floors with some bleach in the water then poured some bleach around places I knew there was a nest. Haven't seen them since.
  • Megrose489
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    We used to get them every year. We sprinkled talcum powder down as a barrier - I don't like poisons, even for ants. It's supposed to be a natural repellent. I'm not sure if it worked, but, we haven't seen any for quite a few years (touch wood!).

  • Boomer13
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    Borax, a laundry additive, is supposed to work. There's lots of info via google but I haven't tried it myself, yet. Just google "borax ants"
  • mig
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    If all else fails stomp on em. Mig
  • HannahT
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    Oh, thank you all so much for the great suggestions! Have implemented them all except the borax as that was the one thing I couldn't get down my local shops.

    The cat has even had a swipe at a few of the critters.

    Yup, have been at the stomping Mig but they just keep on coming...

    So far so good, haven't seen any ants so something is working.

    Talcum powder is a bit messy but might be the one that is keeping them at bay so will put up with it for a little longer.

    Maybe I should begin a process of elimination to see which one works best.

  • dreamdaisy
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    Boil a kettle and pour the contents down the entrance to the nests. Failing that, vacuum the blighters: one house I rented was plagued by them - after two years boiling water and vacuuming ended the trouble. It's a shame though - they are hard-working and sociable insects, we should remember that we are in their territory, not vice-versa.

    As for the cat that earlier today flattened a large area of my nascent flowerbed whilst sunbathing . . . . . . . . DD