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Hello, I'm back again. It's 15 weeks on Saturday since my THR and yes things are alot better than when I last came on here.
Just really fed up that I still can't drive ( I have tried but it's too painful).
I had a scan done on Saturday on my lower back and sacral area because my surgeon seems to think the numbness and pain that I am getting from my knee down to my toes is coming from my back problem not my hip. I have got to go back to see him on the 14th April..
I can't sit down for more than 10 minutes before it starts to play up and every night I am woken up by the pain that is mostly in the knee and ankle. My scar has heeled up lovely but I have got bursitus in the scar tissue on the inside and my other hip has started to hurt.
Next time I will have it done in the summer months so I can at least get outside instead of walking around the bungalow for exercise.
I'm on 1 crutch indoors now except for first thing in the morning and 2 when I manage to get out, and after about an hour of walking I'm ready to go home to bed. The only thing that keeps me going is thinking of how I was 6 weeks ago and I realise I am on the mend but need to learn to walk before I can run..


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    Recovery is a long process, for some it happens relatively quickly but for others it can drag. It takes yearsfor a hip or knee to get bad enough to merit a replacement, yet we seem to think that after this type of major surgery we will bounce back and be our old selves within a month or two. Life does not work like that - the older we are the longer it takes.

    I am sure that things will come right in the end, elsa56, just hang on in there, be a patient patient (which is very hard) and I hope that things soon begin to improve a-pace. DD
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    Hi Elsa,

    So sorry to hear you are having a rough time right now...I haven't had a THR so cannot even imagine how you are feeling...have arthur in both hips though as well as facing it at some point

    Just wanted to say try and stay is hard for us all living with pain and frustration...hope it all works out for you soon!

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    So sorry you are struggling Elsa, I have only had hand surgery so far but think my knee is on the way out, but, can't think what it would be like to have a THR. Try not to despair about the driving I couldn't drive for ten weeks after a Trapeziectomy but you will get there, my motto was where there's a will there's a way. Good luck keep us posted how you are doing.......................Marie x
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    Hello Elsa
    I am sorry to see you are struggling..I remember coming on here moaning I couldn't on either I am not to bad on the op side its the other that causes the pain.. people are so different with ops..I do hope things improve very soon for you..good that you can see how far you have come x
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    Thanks for your replies... I know that I have got alot better than I was and am grateful for that. And believe it or not I'm not scared of having the next one done. I think once they have the results of the scan I will have a clearer view of my problems.
    The biggest thing is coming to terms with changes, I feel I have lost alot of my independance and I hate having to ask for help.
    The last scan was 18 years ago despite me asking the GP said no, my surgeon didn't seem amused when I told him.
    Anyway its another day and life goes on.
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    I'm no expert, but, 18 years sounds like a long time to have had your last scan. No wonder your surgeon was not amused! Body's change a lot over time and working of an 18 year old image ... well ....

    Yes, it is hard asking for help, but you must! You will grow to appreciate the help you get from family and friends. They too, also want to help you. You will find a new kind of independence with the help you receive. In time you will be able to do more and more for yourself.

    Best wishes
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    My physio rang me yesterday and she is going to try and get my scan results earlier than me seeing my surgeon.
    I told her about me trying to drive and the problems I had and she said she it's back thats causing the problem.
    That is no suprise to me as the back has been bad for years and because the reffered pain as they call it sets aches off in other areas, I wouldn't have been able to say wich was wich.
    Just got to wait and see :) .