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Hello everyone

I found out this morning, almost by mistake, that I was diagnosed with hip arthritis 2 years ago. I was at my GP to ask about whether I needed HRT to try and ward off osteoporosis as I am going through the menopause early. He looked at my last blood test results and rheumatologists reports and said there was nothing to suggest that I need worry, and then mentioned that I had an xray 2 years ago on my hip which showed OA. Now, after that xray I was told it was normal, and I actually felt like a bit of a fraud as I was in so much pain for no apparent reason! Even when I finally got a diagnosis a few months ago, my hip was never mentioned...OA in my spine, shoulders, hands, and knees were confirmed but no-one even mentioned the hips, which is odd because it is my hip which gives me the most trouble.

It doesn't really make any difference in the grand scheme of things, but it would have been nice to have had a reason for the pain and stiffness all the same.

Oh well, at least now I know.


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    Things like this really annoy me, it has happened to me in the past. The way I see it, it's my body and I want to know my results. I now ask for a copy of MRI or xray reports, so I can see for myself what is actually going on.
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    Hi ouchpotato,

    Just like 19smp59, things like this annoy me too. It sounds like there was some sort of communication breakdown, unfortunately, the sort of situation where information gets lost for a while :roll:

    It would have been very nice for you to have had a reason for your pain and stiffness at the time, not least because feeling like a fraud doesn't sound like fun! However, it sounds like you've accepted the late diagnosis and I hope you're coping with the menopause too :)

    Best wishes,
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    Hi Ouch
    Isnt it so annoying. :x
    I ask to be copied into all communications from hospital to GP {or wherever} now.....OK I cant read Medic Talk :lol: but at least it gives me an idea.
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    At least you know now, but as is the nature of OA not a lot could have been done. These slip-ups happen - humans are prone to errors and it is frustrating but what's done is done. :( DD
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    When I first saw my Rhuemy we were discussing my various pains and operations etc and I was explaining about how a dr told me I had the neck of a 70 year old (x-Ray after car accident) when I was in my early 30's. Rheumy said he shouldn't have told me as that usually causes people to them feel pain, my response, I got on with my life and forgot about it until I started having problems in the last couple of years.

    I agree with you all, it's my body and I should be told about it.

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    Fiona, in my case I wasn't told, and therefore worried that I was being a hypochondriac...the pain was ever present in my hip/groin and had I known I had OA there I would have been better able to accept it. I always think it is better to have all the facts and then you know what you're dealing with.
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    I ask to be copied into all communication, too, Hileena. I found out last year,, at the hospital eye clinic that I'd been diagnosed with dry age-related macular degeneration two years ago. It was on my notes, but the consultant I saw at the time didn't tell me and it was only when I was talking to a nurse at my last appointment that she mentioned it. There followed an interesting discussion with me denying that I had AMD and she insisting I did. She showed me my notes and there it was. No treatment needed as such, but one has to be aware of changes in vision, which could indicate wet AMD, which has to be treated pretty quickly or vision can be lost.
    I totally agree with you about having all the facts, ouchpotato.
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    Isnt' it awful the things we aren't told. should have know about that.
    I've seen a different eye consultant for the past 3 appointments and there have been no letters to me or my GP from him???

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    It does annoy me when either my G.P or Consultant will be discussing something with me and all of a sudden they mention something new that is wrong with me. I have to ask them to repeat themselves and I say 'since when?' They do need to learn that it's our life they are dealing with and we should be told of any new symptoms that are occurring when they 1st see them not a few weeks or months down the line!!