ATOS Have had the Bullet at last

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News just Breaking on BBC .The Government have "pulled the plug on ATOS contract 12 months early". No other details at present....I am sure many of you will be glad to see the back of these totally inept and uncaring swine.

But I can only wonder what , or who, will replace them.

ATOS have been guilty of the most terrible decision making in terms of people's health problems and disabilities..and were only interested in stopping peoples claims dead in their tracks...


  • aralph
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    Hi,I agree - I had a 'meeting' with them and they were terrible,they didnt care
    As you say though who replaces them? hopefully someone better,but having this benefit cutting gov. it'll probably be a redundant tube driver!!
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    I have just received my form to fill in for EAS and it has come from ASOS HEALTHCARE! I thought that they had been pulled out from doing the assessments. Can anyone enlighten me please :?