The Turkish Prime Minister.

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Has anyone on here heard him? It's hilarious! :lol: He has 'lost' his voice (in that it's shifted up a couple of octaves) but, because it's a crucial time in Turkish politics, he is still speechifying - and being allowed so to do. :shock: As Sheila Fogarty so neatly summarised the sound (on Radio5Live) 'He's not coming out to play, he's been a very naughty boy.' You don't usually hear BBC radio presenters losing it but today? :lol: If you can find it on the interweb I entreat you to listen - I guarantee you can't help but laugh. DD


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    This is the same man that has banned Twitter..maybe that would have been some help to him till he gets his voice back :lol: ...I will go and look for this DD..very unlike the BBC... :shock:
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    Ooooh goody need a laugh must go and have a look :D xxx
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    Aargh! That actually hurt my ears :o:lol:
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    Like it , had to share this with my son as he also has a silly sense of humour .
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    Some wit has suggested that come the election Cameron, Clegg and Milliband should be given helium and then debate. Imagine! :lol: DD
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    Apparently he has also banned You tube which I consider a wise move considering he is being likened to a Teletubby.

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    I can't find it, can someone give me a link please