Golimumab (Simponi)

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Hi all,

What are peoples experiences on this drug? This will be my 5th biologic so I know what to expect with the injections but not to sure on side effects/how well this treatment works.

Any experiences good or bad would be helpful!


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    I've never tried it - if you do a search on it on here any threads mentioning it should spring to view. DD
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    came off it earlier this year , never worked & then they increased to dose to 100mg & just made me ill ,

    only good thing is that if you had problems with drugs like Enbrel with injection site reaction you should be ok on this , got nothing else good to say about this drug , if it works in first few months that will be good but if it dont I would recommend you come off it , going on Tocilizumab myself in next couple of months
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    Hi As5567,

    I started golimumab in February this year and my third self-injection is due in a couple of weeks. So far I haven't noticed any improvement, but the Healthcare At Home nurse told me (and I'd read) that most patients don't improve until after injection number 3, so I'm being patient for now.

    As far as side effects go, I've felt a bit headachy for a few hours after the shot, so once I'm not tied to injecting during the nurse's morning visit I'll do it last thing at night so I don't waste any working hours. I had the same reaction to other anti-TNFs, but compared to what I've experienced with DMARDs, it's nothing, really.

    I hope it works for you :)

    Best wishes,

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