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Hello everyone

I've developed a very strange looking rash and wondered if anyone had any's the weekend so can't see the GP and thought I'd ask around. There are only two patches, one is on my chest, just below my collar bone and the other is on the side of my neck. The one on my chest is about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide, oval in shape, noticeably raised and red but slightly paler in the middle. The one on my neck is smaller, again oval and red, but maybe an inch long? My face is really hot but no temperature. I've not eaten anything out of the ordinary, not changed soap or soap powder etc.

It seems to be one thing after another lately.

Any ideas? Obviously not looking for a diagnosis as I know none of us are doctors, but maybe someone has had something similar?



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    If it is raised it sounds as if it could be an allergy. You can sometimes develop allergies to things when you have been using them/eating them for some time. I suffer from allergies and they are brought out by stress. Some years ago I kept getting allergic rashes round my waist whenever I had a cup of coffee, then when I had a paracetamol, then when I had an aspirin, or a glass of wine. Then after some weeks I stopped taking the multi vitamins Iw as taking and hey presto the allergy went. Allergic rashes are effected by heat ie if you have a bath you can often scratch your skin and a raised area will appear. Have you been wearing a necklace because nickel allergies are quite common.
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    I did think of an allergy. I don't think it's due to my necklace as it is on an area that the necklace doesn't touch. I've been wearing it for years. I have recently started taking vitamin E and evening primrose oil on the advice of the dr, and take vitamin d supplements as per rheumatologist's instructions.
    I have been saying I think I might be coming down with something for a few days as I have not been feeling well...nothing specific just bleeugh if you k now what I mean, so thought maybe it was some kind of bug or virus. I also considered psoriasis. I'm always in pain courtesy of OA but have also been getting strange stabbing pains in between joints, i.e. middle of forearms, thighs,'s all very odd.
    It seems to have faded a bit today though so maybe it's just 'one of those things'.

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