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HI ALL . I was refered to the Podiatry service 3 wekks ago for my left foot which is painfull to walk on due to OA diabeties and stroke, she has refered me to the Orthotics to see if they can help with a foot implant of some sort.
Can you tell me what i could expect , she did say it could take up to 16 weeks for appointment !!!!


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    Possibly she is talking about having custom-made insoles? I have flat feet and was sent to orthotics who have now made two pairs of half-insoles for me. They make my knees face the front (as opposed to turning in towards each other) but they took some getting used to when it came to walking. If you want to beat the wait time you can always offer to take any cancelled appointments - I've got in early that way on many occasions but I am fortunate in that I live within a ten-minute drive of my hospital. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hello paulch
    Sorry I wont be much help, but when I have been at physio it is the next cubicle to the podiatry..and I have heard them ..they watch you walk without shoes , some place have electronic mats for you to walk on and it is mapped out on a computer..other than that they will measure for shoes or insole's depending on what they think you will need, and take a cast of your foot..
    I do hope they can help and please let us know how you get on
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    It's definitely worth the wait ! I've got specially made insoles for both feet. My feet are in pain anyway but 1 day without them and I am 100 times worse! I really do rely upon them. I have had them for years and years now and every now and then you need them re-made. Basically to make them I have to stand stand in a memory foam mould tray thing . After that they use that as the mould to make them and you are called back in for a fitting about a week later. The downside is finding shoes that are nice to fit the insole in - that is a whole different thread ! Definitely worth it though and have helped me ! Hope that helps :D