don't wanna play anymore!

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Right thats it! I want to be on the painfree, flexible and energetic team now :x I'm seriously cheesed off being on the exhausted, painridden and frankly knackered team :x I think I should get time off for good anybody listening up there?
I was at my daughters today with the rest of the family to celebrate my grandson's first birthday and also mothers day. It was lovely being able to be outside in the sun, but sitting on a garden chair has had serious repercussions and now I'm in horrible pain and feeling nauseous because of it. It must be lovely to enjoy an activity without having to pay dearly for it afterwards.
I apologise for my self pitying rant, but I couldn't help myself :roll:
Hope all you mothers had a lovely day. Debx


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    I'm not a mother but I can truly empathise. A short walk on Saturday night from a restaurant to a friend's house badly affected my Sunday :( but I'm glad I did it because after sitting for around 2 and 3/4 hours I needed to move. Hey-ho, damned if you do, damned if you don't - the joys of Living with Arthritis. :lol: DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I'm a mommy to two young cats! (Does that count? :lol: ) and when we go to family functions I have to make sure I get a good rest for a couple of days before and save energy up for the function day. It does help a little but if I'm having a bad pain day I have to mask it which does take it out of me. My extended family are really sweet, they make sure I have a comfy chair to sit on all day and they come to me to have a chat. It is weird because we have an Aunt who has terminal Cancer and she usually sites with me and we look like some royal family sat in these two chairs having people come to us to talk to us!! But if it's a long day it does take it out of me and I do suffer the next day but not too much because of resting up before the function. You where not ranting Debs just giving Arther what for which we all do, daily!! :lol: