work related osteo arthritus

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Hi I am a new member and I am 56 years old and a lorry driver.
I cannot take Naproxine 500mgs any more because its making my blood pressure very high and my licence would be taken from me. I have arthritus in my spine both hips both knees....both shoulders elbows and wrists....and can only take paracetamol.?
This week Im in agony...cant move cant lift my left arm and feel Im being fobbed off all the time by my GP. people have told my to take early work related retirement but thats easier said than done. I have a stair lift because my hips and spine are that bad.I just feel Im not coping anymore and feeling really depressed .Ive tried to get benefits and feel I cant fill the forms in anymore ...I keep getting rejected ...I want to retire but dont know how to ?can anyone help me I feel totally fatigued all the time and writing this is hard for me to do.....Kindest Regards Christine.


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    Hi Christine
    Welcome to the forum, and thank you for your post. As you say, it’s hard to do when you’re feeling fatigued and in pain.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re going through such a difficult time. It sounds like you’re feeling under a lot of pressure - trying to cope with severe pain and fatigue, feeling depressed and worried about work, and not feeling supported by your doctor.

    It sounds like this is really impacting on your life and work, and I wonder if it’s possible for you to talk to a different GP at the surgery? Would you like to explore this with us at the Helpline? You’d be very welcome to call us and sometimes talking it through can be helpful, though I realise this might be difficult when you’re feeling so tired. We offer confidential, non-judgemental support on: 0808 800 4050 (10am – 4pm, weekdays).

    You don’t say whether you’re employed by a company or self-employed, but the first step could be to talk to a different GP about the pain and fatigue that you’re trying to cope with. If you have an employer you could talk to them about what’s going on with the arthritis and how it’s affecting you in your work. Our information on ‘Coping with Pain’ might be useful – click on the link and scroll down our publications:

    We’re not able to provide Benefits advice but regarding applying for Benefits, it might be useful to contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau – please see the link below to search for your local service:
    or the organisation Turn2us:
    Tel: 0808 802 2000.
    You might also find it useful to look at the ‘Benefits and Working Matters’ strand on our forum.

    I hope this is helpful.
    With best wishes,
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    Hello ladybird56, I am not a member of the Helpline, just an ordinary form user. I read your post and am in awe of how well you have coped with things to date - you use a stair lift, have OA all over the place but are still managing to work? For me that speaks volumes about your attitude and courage but for all of us the time comes when we realise that enough is enough.

    I think that Susan has given you some really good advice but I do understand how difficult it can be to motivate oneself when being beaten down by pain, stress and depression. I think speaking to a more empathetic GP is a good starting point, it is GPs that deal with OA and although there is a range of anti-inflammatories and pain relief they don't necessarily 'cut the mustard' - many of us on here are familiar with pain grinding away 24/7 and the impact on our lives is extreme. Please post again on the Living with Arthritis board on here, I am sure people will reply to you and offer support and encouragement, we are a supportive bunch on here and you will be talking to people who know exactly what you are going through. I wish you well and I hope that things begin to improve for you soon. DD
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