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Hi all,

I've posted previously about my joint problems, which was mainly crazy pain due to cracking joints. http://arthritiscareforum.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=40596&start=45

I got some great answers back then and wonderful caring replies from the community. I had a bit of relief for a while back, and assuming the doctors where correct thought it was all over/or at least starting to get better. (they said it would pass) Of course my cracking joints and pain came back along with a few other worrying things, and I'm back on the merry go round again.

So I have an appointment tomorrow at Ninewells in Dundee to see a Dr. Suzi Silburn. But I have a few questions if some wouldn't mind imparting their knowledge to me.

Will I get a chance to explain all that's happened in this past year, are you allotted a fair bit of time?

The doctors at my local surgery think I'm a mystery. Are the rhumeyies head and shoulders above what I've experienced at my local surgery? I don't think i can handle another mystery diagnosis.

Has anyone dealt with Ninewells hospital before in regards to Rhumetology and what was their impressions.

I have a fair wad of details I updated regularly when this started on the doctors suggestion, but stopped updating it when it was apparent that they really didn't want to read it. Should I bring that with me?

I'll quit the questions now, just worried this might not go to well tomorrow. I'm thankfully having a lull in pain just now. I'm hoping this doesn't work against me.


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    I won't be much use to you, dakky, but I do hope all goes well. I think you'll be given a reasonable amount of time for a first appt. The rheumatologist has more in-depth knowledge of auto -immune arthritis and more diagnostic techniques available. These don't rely on pain, in fact some of us have wished that pain played a bigger role :lol: Good luck.
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    I think it always wise to take whatever supporting evidence one has - I didn't because I wasn't keeping any records because I believed my GP was right in saying that my fat left knee would sort itself out. :roll: I now know better. 8)

    GPs know a little about a lot whereas rheumatologists know a lot about a little - an essential difference. Mind you, the first rheumatologist I saw told me I didn't have any form of arthritis - I've proved him wrong! Don't get your hopes up too high, I'm sure you are aware from your reading on here that auto-immune arthritises can be very tricky to diagnose but I hope your concerns are listened to and a positive response given. DD
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    Thanks for the replies.

    It went well, the doctor was a lovely lady and spent a bit of time with me. Answered questions best she could. Pity I forgot most of what I wanted to ask her.

    I was sent for a fair few number of x-rays, had my blood taken, and going to get some sort of radioactive dye passed through me when they get an appointment set up.

    I'm Glad I brung my notes like you suggested DD, as the Doctor appeared to only know I had some sore joints in the past. I would have thought more information would be passed along between GP and clinic, but that's just the way it is I suppose. All in all, at least the balls rolling.
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    Information passed between professionals? :lol: It's never happened to me and I never presume that it will. I am one of thousands that my GP deals with and one of hundreds that my rheumatologist manages: I know I'm special but they don't have a clue about that. :wink:

    I've had dye once and that was for a CAT scan - of what and for why I cannot remember but I believe it can also be used in MRIs - it throws things into some kind of higher relief so the view is clearer. I daresay that there are various kinds so I hope the next appointment comes along soon - let us know, yes? DD
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    Hi :)

    Personally I haven't got that much of a high opinion for GP's, sorry if anyone is a GP by the way! :oops:

    But my first GP thought that my pitting, crumbling nails and swollen fingertips/toes was a fungal infection....even with a strong family history of psoriasis...

    After 4 lots of antibiotics, fungal nail paint, cream, and powder, they finally gave up and told me to live with it.

    Fast forward to 3 years later, and finally a new GP refers me to the hospital!

    My rheumatologist seems to understand me and my symptoms a lot more, and actually takes time to listen, rather than just palm me off with some odd medication!

    Hope your appointment answered all your questions!

    Bex :) x

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