Erosive Inflammatory Osteoarthritis

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I do hope you can help. I'm 45 and was diagnosed with erosive inflammatory osteoarthritis in every joint, large and small, after sudden onset in October last year.
I am having trouble finding information on the internet about this condition.
I would be so grateful if you are able to signpost me to helpful sites, groups etc.

Many thanks


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    Dear Fiona,

    Thank you for post to Helplines. It sounds as though your arthritis is quite active and you are dealing with something which is rather uncertain at the moment. If you feel like talking things through you’d be most welcome to ring us.

    This may be an occasion where it may be worth double checking how your diagnosis has been described.

    It sounds like you may have been diagnosed with more than one kind of arthritis - one being osteoarthritis and the other the inflammatory arthritis (that sounds as though it's caused some damage - which is what I understand the word erosion to mean.) If that's not the case then you may need to go back to the doctor who diagnosed you and ask them to give you some further information.

    Before we find you some helpful information or links you might consider giving us a ring, so we can make sure we are on the right lines?

    Our number is 0808 800 4050 and we are available 10am to 4pm weekdays.

    I hope we can help you with this.

    Kind regards

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    Thank you Guy, I will call tomorrow.