Two appointments next week!!

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I'm going to see the Physiotherapist for the 1st time on Monday afternoon, will see if she can help me and if the hydro-pool sessions might be a good idea. Then on Tuesday morning I'm seeing my Dr to discuss a few things and see how my inflammation levels are. It's funny how I spend most of my time going to medical appointments rather than enjoyable time spent with my OH!! :shock:


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    Oh!! Bubba I know the feeling, last week I had five appointments the week before three, next week treatment :shock: it is just as well I don't have an OH as I would be getting reported to DOTOH(Disbandment of the other half) :lol: xx
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    At least they are consecutive so that leaves you three free days for doing the more fun things in life. :) Good luck with them and I hope the physio makes some helpful suggestions. DD

    PS I had a week a couple of years ago where I had five appointments, in four departments, on five consecutive days. That was a nuisance. :(
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    It's hard when you don't really have a choice as to appointment times and dates. If you can, try to space them out a bit so you can enjoy life a bit more. More than 2 a week is my limit, if I can help it.
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    Oh bubba this is my life at the min and am so pleased when the appointments stop for a week or so...when you have got them out the way you plan something nice with hubby... :D then we all want to know about it...good luck with physio and hydro..xx