hello everyone new to the group

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after being diagnosed with cervical spondylosis roughly 4 years ago, my life hadnt really changed too much. until recently when every bone started to ache some days in my back and neck, another mri scan later i am now having tingley fingers, toes, nubmness down my right side, clumsiness on odd occassions with my right had and leg, i also get lots of cracks from joints, mainly hips ankles and knees, i get sharp shooting pains in my right wrist and hand if i lift and twist with my left wrist (i still have the same strengh)????. all of which i have had for sometime but never really thought much of it, just assumed it was part of the cs!
i wake with the sensations for pins and needles in my hands my back feels hot and tingley and my sleep is also broken sleep due to having to keep getting comfy :(

i dont want to restrict my life style (not glamerous) of doing things with the kids and household things that need doing, but also i need to look after myself and make sure im not living in pain. ive started hounding the drs now with all my symptoms and i have an app booked for consultant re my back and neck, im just wondering if anyone was in the same situation as myself and had any managment tips? i find it hard to sit down and relax as i also have anxiety issues and i find myself thinking if im not active for a while :(

im in a pickle lol thanks guys and girls looking forward to any replies.

im 39 with dependant children so i have no choice but to do daily chores etc, i do find im very cautious about my movements and how i lift.


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have two kinds of arthritis, psoriatic and osteo and now fibro has joined my personal party. I empathise with the cracking (I can no longer creep up on anybody and go 'Boo!' :wink: ) and I have had to alter what I do and how I do it over the past few years.

    Am I right in thinking that spondylosis belongs to the auto-immune form of arthritis? If so are you taking any meds to help? Mind you are there any meds for it? My mind has gone blank! :shock: I had much tingling in my hands which was attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome - a double op sorted that but rendered me helpless for a fortnight. I am fortunate in that I have only a husband to look after - and even more fortunate in that he is fairly independent and doesn't need waiting on hand and foot. I empathise with the broken sleep, I have to wake to move because I'm arthritic from head to toe. You are wise to take things cautiously and hopefully your children are of an age to help out with chores etc. Unfortunately our conditions come with pain (it's not an optional extra) and we have to learn to live with it.

    The Living with Arthritis board on here may be of great use to you - at the top of the topic threads there's a permanent one with tips and hints, it contains our solutions to common every-day difficulties and it's also where most people hang out - feel free to join any conversation going on because new voices and experiences are always welcome. You may also find some other CS people on there. I wish you well and look forward to seeing your name here and there around the forum. DD
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    Hello and a warm welcome from me
    I can only imagine how hard things are with children relying on you, its awful whem most of your joints hurt, somtimes it hard to tell were the pain is coming from.
    Im so glad you have decided to join us, you will get lots of info and support from the lovly people on this forum
    So you just jump in,ant questions put in LWA and we have chitchat were we talk about day to day things and also have a laugh..I look forwrd to seeing you about....
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    :D thank you for your warm welcome, and your advice xx