The inevitable happened...

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Well. Following my car accident on Thursday 27th I've had terrible whiplash. My arthritis is now active again... :?

My right hip and knee were agony last night keeping me awake for the most part, I think I got to sleep between around 3:30 to 6am. Tramadol, paracetamol, ibuprofen, deep heat ointment and some tens machine therapy didn't quite do enough to keep the pain bearable.

My wrists are very achey along with my elbow, my knees and hip swollen and just generally feeling battered and bruised. They couldn't do much for the whiplash other than what I'm already doing so I'm going to my gp on Monday for some help.

Anything, even a steroid injection just to help while I deal with this whiplash. It's never going to heal if I can't keep moving.

I'm really trying, but really struggling and stress of not knowing if I'm liable or not is not helping!


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    Oh dear, I am not surprised. It's not good but to be expected, yes? The arthritic body usually reacts to a shock and stress by flaring and I guess the only thing to do is ride it out. Rest as much as you can, don't over-do the pain relief because that won't help and as for liability, well, who knows? That's for others to decide - you won't change the outcome by fretting so do your best to relax and forget it - not easy, I know. Take care and rest as much as you can. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Thank you! Yes, I was expecting it but was secretly hoping it would be subtle. I'm trying to stick to the heat packs and tens machine but I was in so much pain last night I was desperate to get some sleep! Usually the tramadol is enough but not this time. Probably because I've been using more then normal with the whiplash.

    My dad's getting on the phone to them to get things moving as quickly as possible. I'm trying not think about it but I'm hopeless without my car! Which is the real issue. And of course, walking the dogs in this state I need my car more now then ever.
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    ((((Gentle hugs))))

    I'm so sorry to hear uve had an accident & that ure suffering so much :(

    My GP, very kindly, gave me Oramorph wen I was in a state last October, I was shocked as she NEVER usually gives the stuff out!! I think they must see something in the eyes perhaps that tells them you just can't cope anymore & she's known me for a long time n knows I take an awful lot generally.

    I know it's not ideal at all but if it'll take the edge off & let you sleep it may be worth asking. There are also pain patches that may be worth trying if you haven't had them b4. Some people get on well with them :D

    I like Tens machines too & infra red lamps ... I know they're old school, it's actually my late father in laws lamp but it does help to get the heat deep into my shoulders like nothing else can!!

    I wish you a speedy recovery & I hope ure Dr assists you appropriately. Lots of R & R.

    ((( )))

    Xx xX
    Healing Hugs
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    so sorry you are suffering ..thats the trouble with wiplash waiting for the pain to hit or hoping it wont...I hope you have been checked out thoroughly but also in a week or so if things get worse ..just be aware..hope that things ease up for soon