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I've given up smoking, after 50yrs. It's 3weeks now and I'm told I am now classed as a non-smoker, all that gunge in my lungs has gone and I can go to the top of my stairs without having to gasp for breath

.....................Well Done Me!!................


  • mike26
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    very very very well done.
    make a promise to yourself numpty
    and say no more **** for me.
    it will get more easy as time goes on and you will
    feel so much better for it.
    keep it up and well done.
    mick :)
  • villier
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    Well done Numps keep going you can do it, I am five years of them and have never looked back I even hate the smell of them now..............go girl...........................Marie xx

    ps keep thinking of the money you will save x
  • applerose
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    Very well done. You are already noticing the benefits and it can only get better.
  • barbara12
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    Numpty that is brilliant you must be so proud of yourself...now you are seeing the results of your hard work...x
  • numptynora
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    Thanks everyone, I am a bit chuffed. It's the third time of trying and I'm sure I can do it this time :)
  • Turbogran
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    Well done Numpty it's a lot better for you as you have discovered keep it up. :)

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