What odd thing has your pet eaten?

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My 11 year old cat last night shared a rich tea biscuit with me. Now, we know she was a ditzy blonde in her previous life but even so! ... I just couldn't believe my eyes - there I was enjoying my evening cuppa and a bikki as a treat, when Madame Tara comes and sits on the back of the settee next to me and starts looking meaningfully at my bikki. :!:

Please bear in mind that this is a completely nutty cat who will ask to be let out of the back door (regardless of the fact that her cat flap is practically waving at her), you open the back door - horrors! it's raining. She'll trot to the front door, sit there. You open the front door - horrors again! it's raining that side of the bungalow as well. :!: Hence us knowing she was a ditzy blonde before - no offence intended.

When I was a kid we had a family tortoise - Tony. He'd eat everything from normal tortoise food to dinner scraps, bread which had been put out for the birds (needless to say the birds never got much of the bread) to cat/dog food and custard. Yes - folks! You read it correctly - a tortoise sat in the middle of the lawn eating custard.

The events of last night made me start wondering what kinds of peculiar food other pets ate - either with or without permission of their owners.

I'll be interested to see what answers I get.



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    my cat actually prefers curry or spicey food to fish???? we noticed when she was a kitten as she used to go crazy to get to the plates on the worktop after we had had curry, she also used to try and get into the bin lol.
    fish fingers and madras were placed down for her on one occassion and she went straight to the madras???
    crazy cat x

    she is not allowed curry but she loves the meat out of one on the odd occassion we have take outs :lol:
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    Grace the only thing my Golden Labrador 'Tara' wouldn't eat was cucumber :shock: she would eat all other salad, lettuce, tomato etc one of her favourites was curry especially chicken, not unusual but she would sit beside the oven and slobber until a chicken was ready waiting to see if she was going to get a bit :lol: xx
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    Our lab hate a rope...yes it was nearly 4 ft long..we thought he had worms has we could see this horrible looking thing coming form under the tail..so off to the vets..to remove this rope..what a shock he had and us when he saw it on xray... :shock:
    Sorry if that was to squeamish..we had a lovey cat tibby she was such a lap cat has I called her...she love egg but it had to be fried... and not boiled... :lol:
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    My BIL's late Golden Retriever, Toby, had a penchant for rubber. Toilet hauls included a blue balloon and one yellow Marigold glove. Extra-strong mints were another treat. His current lab, Jasper, is partial to white tea with two sugars. DD
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    I had a cat that loved olives :D

    I used to work at a veterinary hospital and we pulled many a strange thing out of pets' stomachs: balls, rocks, rubber tubing, needles, kids toys, ball of glue, needles, nails. The list goes on......
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    My cat used to love crisps. I think it was the salt.

    He hated cat food.he'd get all excited
    while I was dishing it out but then would walk away in disgust when I put the bowl down. It makes you wonder what they put in the stuff?

    Barbara there was a dog on a TV vet programme that chewed a leather belt and the vet had to operate to remove it. I think he died in the end as it caused damage to his stomach lining. Glad your dog was okay.

  • Numptydumpty
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    I had a Labrador who ate a door frame, as high as he could reach :x
    I had a Dalmatian who ate a whole packet of budgie seed, which came out the other end looking like a millet spray :lol:
    My cat goes wild for cheese and onion crisps.
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    My pal Scout got into a box of sugar cubes the other day. I thought it would be safe on the kitchen table and sealed in it's packaging. He somehow got into it and ate 37 sugar cubes (yup, I counted). Went immediately online thinking I may have to take him to the vet, but after reading, thought it would be ok to wait and see. Well, for 3 days poor old Scout had projectile diarrhea, he was a sad, sad doggie. But none the worse for wear!!!
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    Beauty and now Arnie & Willow love popadoms! If we have an Indian takeaway and we have popadoms they acctually try and nick it off your plate! so we crunch up a little and put it on a plate on the floor so we can get some piece. And recently Arnie & Willow have been trying to eat my waffles, I'm not happy giving them any because of the sugar in them so I literally have to give them a crumb to keep them happy. I wouldn't give them a piece bigger than that because of the sugar amount in them.
  • GraceB
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    Well, this caused some merriment in my place last night when I read your replies out to my other half! He was amazed at the variety of food other pets seem to consume. He was also extremely impressed and taken aback by the number of responses I'd had and said how supportive everyone on here seemed to be. He also commented that talking about issues such as this surely took our minds off our 'bones' for a few moments and gave us the cause to smile.
    How right he is ...
    Thank you so much for your comments, at least I know I'm not the only one with a batty pet!
  • bubbadog
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    Grace we all like to have a bit of fun! It does help you take your mind off pain for a while! We are one big family and we are there for one another. :)
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    Our old dog Jelly ate the foam insert from a jewellery box complete with the earrings in it and our 2year old Parson Russell terrier Pippin ripped/destroyed and ingested a bag of plaster! As well as anything wood (table, chairs, shrubs and trees), kick boards in the kitchen and the worst was my calendar complete with the coiled spring hanger! More upset about the calendar than anything else as that has everything written on it! Somehow she seems to be able to eat all these things and has no apparent side effects! She's still my little darling though! X

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