relax..... how to?

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does anyone have any tips on relaxation at all? my easiest way is a soothing bubble bath (without the kids interuptiong lol)


  • bubbadog
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    I find stroking my furry babies (my cats) is very relaxing also reading relaxes me. But now again I like to go in my bedroom shutting the door and meditating. Total peace and blocking out everything for a good 45mins.
  • Francie7532
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    How about some yoga? I find it very soothing and relaxing. Lots of health benefits also. I have a DVD I put on in the evening, very easy and quick.
  • mellman01
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    How about a nice bottle of red wine?.
  • toady
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    Audiobooks for me, I find being 'read to' a nice balance of distraction and relaxation.. :) if I read, I tend to read too fast which isn't the point, & haven't got enough discipline to just lie down & do relaxation tapes etc without wanting to pick up a book or my phone instead.. but I'll make a point of listening to a chunk of a book & it can send me to sleep or at least get settled & less fidgety for a bit.

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