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Hello everyone. I am a grandma and live in Dorset.


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    Hello Pansy4, I'm not a grandma and don't live in Dorset but I hope you will post again with a little more detail so we know how to reply. DD
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    Hi Pansy4, I'm a grandma living in cheshire. Keep on posting, everyone is friendly and helpful on here :D
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    Hello Pansy4
    What a lovely part of the country you live in...I am also a Grandma of 4,I hope to see you around the forum, ask any questions you have in Living with Arthritis, and we have chitchat were we talk about anything but...so you just jump in.. :D
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    hi pansy4
    pleased to meet you, lovely down there in dorset
    im a grandad and have 6 grandchildren.
    they do keep me on the ball :P
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    Hi Pansy
    I'm a grandmother and live in the North East
    Why don't you post again.....if you post on the Living with Arthritis forum you will get more replies
    Give us a little bit more information