My doctor has advised me to stop my current employment

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I have been signed off for 2 months with knee and wrist pain
My doctor has told me that the x ray show I have osteo/arthri and he has advised me to stop the work I do to prevent further damage.
My manager is coming to visit me at home this Friday as yet I have not told them what the Doctor has said as my sick note runs til the end of April at which time I was going to hand my notice in? Just trying to keep some money coming in.
I am 56 yrs old so I dont think my chances in the job market will be great.
I have an appointment with CAB in 2 weeks
I was wondering if anyone can help out with any other things I should be doing and am I doing the right thing with my current employer?
I am only on the informal stage of the company sickness policy but have only been with them 4 years so dont have much of a pension



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    Hi Keith,

    The first thing is not to give them your notice. I'm in the same position as you, my consultant doesn't want me to continue with the job. I have spoken to my union, and their advice is 'do not resign', until you have explored all options. For me I am looking for ill health retirement, and I'm in the process of filling in forms, seeing OH and consultants. I'm only 38.

    I have given sick notes continuously, so that I am receiving money, at the moment I am now getting SSP. But the union are looking at getting this back to full pay for six months because I've been in continuous employment. Then it goes to half pay, then you get SSP for 28 weeks. You are entitled to a lot as long as you send in the sick notes. My GP just wrote one for three months, so I don't have to keep going back.

    Please keep the appointment with the CAB they are very good with advice, but make sure you do not agree to things with the employer first. Just tell him/ her that you will need to seek advice on it before you can give them an answer, sorry. That's the way I used to do it!

    Take care! Good luck.
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    Hi Lubs

    Thanks very much for the sound advice I will let you know what happens and all the best in your fight its about getting the best for you

    Take care


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    Hi do not give your notice in I was in same boat let them get ride of you go
    Right to the end if you have to your got aot of things on your side the 2010 act etc