Long long wait fro MRI results

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Hi Everyone,
I have been having quite having quite a few problems with my too busy rheumatology dept. And letting it get to me so I thought I'd see if any of you can answer my questions whilst I am in limbo.

I was referred and recently seen by another hospital and they felt so much better and more professional. But the problem remains that both myself and the new doc are waiting on MRI results taken 6 weeks ago that the old(not very good) team have yet to look at and issue the results.

The new doc I saw for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he did an xray and said not only do I have inflammatory SpA but also there is a narrowing between L5 S1 vertebrae and he would need the MRI results and will get back to me. Of course this comes in a letter two weeks later with no appointment until July so feeling a bit anxious about things and wondered if anyone else had this and can tell me more?

I saw my GP yesterday who had her own moan about the local outpatients and advised I ask PALS to step in and help- have any of you used them?

Thank you in advance


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    Hello Amanda
    These results seem to be taking longer and longer, I wouldn't care but they are just faxed through ..6 weeks is not good..so yes if you cant get them to faxed them ask Pals to help..I haven't used them but there have been a few people on here that have been really pleased with there help..hope things move on for you very soon..
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    I waited over six weeks for the results of my last MRI scan, which does seem ridiculous. Re the 'narrowing' if that is all that's showing I wouldn't be concerned as we all as we age get some narrowing and wear and tear in our spines. Perhaps chase up the scan again, I know I did!

    Good luck

    Suzanne x
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    Six weeks is an unreasonable length of time so start chasing; you know you're important (as are the rest of us) but for the hospital we are just faceless individuals in a huge mass of patients. Ring them daily, always be cheerful and polite and, hopefully, you will get what you want sooner rather than later. DD
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    Thanks for the back up.
    I have just tried PALS but not busy for the last hour so will keep trying.

    So annoying that I feel I have to fight for a responsible level of care.
    I think we all have enough going on without feeling like it is a battle.

    Just want to know what is lurking apart from sacroilitis and this weird narrowing. Plus it looks like I will moving to biologics next so waiting on these results is also delaying that.
    Amanda Xx