work not so sympathetic regarding my OA

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I recently had an arthoscopy procedure (Debridement) on my thumb cmc joint..The procedure didn't work for me and I'm now waiting for another operation where my thumb will be pinned.
But while I'm waiting my employer has decided to move my job role where it will have an severe impact on my already degenerated joint and cause pain and discomfort, they are aware of my condition but due to new rules and regulations they can sack you at a drop of a hat if I refuse to do it...which I think its it right of them to make me do such work that will cause me pain and suffering?
I'm already take 500mg naproxen and 30mg nefopam and they hardly touch my pain, just feel spaced out but still in constant pain...sorry for the essay.


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    Hi Lee67;

    No, it is not fair.

    They should be giving you work that is easier on your affected joint until you have additional surgery, recuperation time and are able to do the job.

    Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your employer.

    Take care, sorry I'm not very helpful. Hopefully, someone else will have some practical advice for you.
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    Thank you Boomer13,
    It's just hard when theres no support from my work place, thank goodness theres a place like this and for people like you.
    Tomorrow I'm going to raise a grievance abd hopefully find the courage to stand up for myself.
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    They have a care of duty towards you but like so many employers they can be less than helpful where OA or RA is concerned, now can I ask if your in a union or not if there is one at your works I'd join it as soon as I could, also I'd try and make notes of things so you have some sort of time line and even evidence if you ever needed it, obviously don't tell them or anyone there that you are you can't trust people these days so don't, also try and get as much electronic evidence as you can, when I was being hounded at work I kept a lot of printed off e mails, my boss was so arrogant he actually played into my hands as I priority flagged all my corespondent and got an electronic receipt when he had opened/read them, you might not need it but its always nice to have it if things ended up going down hill.