Is my son classed the same as a partner

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My son lives with me and he has a full time job, He gives me £300 a month board and lodgings. I am not working due to my OA and COPD and am claiming ESA and standard rate PIP mobility, my ESA assessment is due this week although I have been receiving it since last August. Does anyone know if after claiming ESA for a year what happens next and also do the DWP class a son like a partner for household income purposes. I know I will be placed in the WRAG after my assessment but I am 55 years old and would need to change career as my previous one was very physical and not possible for me to do anymore.


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    I've no idea what the answer is though I'd guess that anyone contributing to the household income (or able to, as in the case of an adult child who is in work) would make a difference. Try CAB, I'm sure they'd know. Or maybe try here
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    You could also have a look on the .gov site to see what they say.