Arthritic life and teaspoons.

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Mr DD has been working at home today and the end result is this: he used every single teaspoon (a dozen) in making a variety of drinks for himself, our gardener chappie and two teas for me. I have just washed them (and dried them). Me? I make a drink, use a teaspoon to stir etc. then promptly rinse it under the tap and leave it to naturally air-dry. If it doesn't then I wipe it before reusing it.

Spot the one who doesn't have to measure his energy in spoons. :wink: DD


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    Mine searched for the scissors in the drawer this morning - the decent ones I keep hidden from him because he always blunts scissors. I won't say the drawer was tidy before he started but at least I knew where stuff was. I had to put half the stuff back this evening and tidy the rest. (He'd left the scissors in the porch.)
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    My OH does the same thing DD!! I myself like you rinse the spoon and place it on the tea, coffee & sugar pots to be re used! By the end of the day if my OH has been making himself hot drinks there are several little spoons and mugs in the sink as he uses a new mug every time he has a hot drink!! And as for the utensil draw!!! That's a totally a different post!!! :roll:
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    bubbadog wrote:
    he uses a new mug every time he has a hot drink!!

    Me too. Unashamedly. I'm a tea-swiller and you can just rinse out a mug that's had tea in as it doesn't come clean. And, if you just re-use it, it's even less likely to come clean plus you never know if a fly has been feasting off it in the interim. I do fill them with water as that aids the ultimate cleaning process but I'd rather wash a few properly than get out a 'clean one' that Mr SW has rinsed under the tap.

    (P.S. I do love him really :wink: He has his good points.)
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    Well I don't have that problem!!!!! :lol:
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    Could try the reductionist stratagem...
    Many moons ago my sister used to get upset coming home to a house builders had been working in to find a dozen mugs and spoons lying around waiting for the Fairy fairy.I suggested that leaving a pot full of spoons and a rack full of clean mugs was asking for trouble and how about just leaving out enough, and putting the rest away.
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    Must confess dreamdaisy the spoons seem to vanish in our house
    found one in shed other day. my vice is leaving tea bag in cup tho
    (like it strong) trouble is wife keeps telling me off cos my stained mug
    and ends up bleaching it . :o:o now then where are the digestive :lol:
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    Its the other way round in our house. I use a spoon once then chuck it in the washing up, OH uses a spoon and leaves it, drips and all, on the worktop. We do have more than a dozen teaspoons though.

    I leave the teabags in too Mike because I like a strong cup of tea. As I'm the only one who seems to wash up its not a problem.

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    Well done Marie! Problem solved....

    I wash my spoons but mugs, :oops: I seem to use several throughout the day. A different one for each kind of beverage.

    OH's irritating habit is not rinsing a glass/mug after use. The residue dries on, then must be soaked and scrubbed by guess who. We have a dishwasher but it's not that good at cleaning things.
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    its a good job you don't have my OH....yes the teaspoon thing..and he opens the bread at both ends to get the crust I pick the bag up... :o I could go on ..but wont... :lol:
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    I was going to say that I appear to have opened a can of worms but that's a domestic incident I'll leave for another day. :wink:

    Why use a clean mug for every beverage? I swill mine out once the drink is done then use it again for another drink later. I don't understand why I should make more work for myself than needed - I know which mugs are mine ('im indoors has his favourites too). I think it's a bloke thing, mine enjoys cooking but is not satisfied until every knife and wooden spoon is sat there waiting to be cleaned. DD
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    Must admit dd you may be wright
    a man does like his tools all spread out,(uknow if anyone seas them thay
    will think hoo hes busy bee) and if hes useing skrews and nails theres
    bound to be dozens left all over floor.
    think he might trying to impress me hunter you cook :lol:
    barbara not guilty :lol: wouldnt open both ends off bag thats downright
    naughtyness :o she kill me if i did that :o
    onwards and upwards men :lol:
    follow me 8)

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