Moths, the hole story

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This year there seems to be something of a plague of the small moths I hate seeing as they presage unhappiness when getting out my winter woolies in a few month's time. I've never understood why I seem to have such a problem with clothes moth compared with my friends.Perhaps it's the downside of a no-smoking, largely chemical free house...I can't use strongly smelling cleaning or laundry products as I have a bad reaction to the perfume, but I do make sure everything is washed before packing in bags and putting away.
For now the house is decorated with dusty marks where I've scored a hit with the fly swat... something else to clean.


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    I can't say I've noticed, daffy, but then we have been away for a month. We, too, are a no-smoking household and I'm not big on cleaning products, as one glance will tell :lol: I know moths dislike the smell of cedar and there are quite a few cedarwood deterrants about now to eg slip over coat hangers. (Lovely to see you :D )
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    daffy we used moth balls for the first time last year so far so good...
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    I have the same problem Daffy (even here in cold Canada). We heat our home with wood and I think the beasties come in on firewood in our case. I've seen them fly out of the armloads of wood OH brings in. I'm obsessive about woolens, so all get an overnight stay in the freezer before being stowed in vacuum-sealed bags and put away. A labor intensive method but has worked so far. I have many moth imprints on my walls too. A cripple trying to dash around killing a moth is a big hazard in my house :) I seem to have terrible aim.....
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    I noticed at the beginning of spring when I was sorting through sweaters and scarves that some had holes, never before had I been bothered with moths so will have to be more careful .

    Holy clothes, not a good look. :D

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    Holy clothes, not a good look. :D
    Except perhaps at this time of year...

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