Three letters from NPower.

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This super-efficient group were my late Mother's energy suppliers, the letters are all dated the same and they all arrived today.

Letter one: thank you for paying the final sum of £***.** in full and we can confirm that the account is now closed.

Letter two: The final sum of £***.** remains outstanding and must be paid within seven days.

Letter three: We apologise for the delay in issuing your final account but hope to have it with you soon.

Ye gods. DD


  • stickywicket
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    As they are clearly wasting their clients' money, could you claim for the time and postage :lol: If you were or bank or solicitor it would be upwards of £30 per letter.
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    Thats Npow** for you we are with them...but not for much longer... :lol: bills arrive months late...we pay them only to be told they should have been paid over a month ago... :?
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    I'm not surprised by the 3 letters DD. I just hope you don't start to get demands for payment. You'd better keep the paid one in a very safe place.

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    and DD listed in the perfect orderby yourself

    big smile from me :D


    Toni xxx

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