atos assessment for ESA today

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Went for my ESA atos assessment today. The journey there and back was a bit harrowing and pushed me to my limits physically, I am sure I will be suffering tomorrow. Was only in the meeting about 15 or 20 minutes and anything work related wasnt mentioned. No picking boxes up, no walking up 2 steps or any of the tasks I was expecting. I was asked about my pain in my knees, my medication, how I managed shopping and bathing, I had a peak flow test for my COPD and that was that. I have no clue as to whether it went wasell or not but I was just honest. I was assured that I would get the decision in 2 or 3 weeks so will keep you posted. Am just so relieved its over because I was dreading it.


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    Good luck brandy keeping fingers crossed for a positive result for you.....................Marie x
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    Thanks Marie was achey today so been chilling out in the garden at least the good weather has a positive effect. Sue
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    Good Luck - I am about to go through the process also, Suppose it has to be done.