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I was on the lowest dose of Methotrexate but it caused severe migraine so the consultant switched me after 6 months of no change to Leflunomide Medac.
I really just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience of this medication and if so then how are you getting on with it?
Thanks for your time


  • mike26
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    Hi shan71 pleased to meet you
    ive been on it for a year with very bad diorreoa
    the good side is im able to walk bit better now.
    hope it works for you and dont forget regular blood tests.
    best wishes mike26..
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    Dear Shan71,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. Sorry that your post coincided with the Bank Holiday, so you've been waiting for a reply. And thank you Mike for doing your bit.

    If you are looking for other people's experiences it would be worth posting your question in 'living with arthritis' rather than this part of the forum. If you'd like us to send you some further information or perhaps have a chat about how things are going why not give us a ring at Helplines? Our number is 0808 800 4050 and we are here 10 am to 4 pm weekdays.

    What we offer is not the same as medical people, but we do a lot of listening and reflecting and sometimes talking things over can be really helpful. And do have a look at some of the support Arthritis Care offers around self managing arthritis - here's a link: http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Selfmanagement

    I hope we can help further.

    Kind regards