Happy Easter weekend everyone

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Hello to all forum members

Just wanted to wish a Happy Easter weekend to everyone. We've got a family meal this evening, out for tea and cake tomorrow and then sheltering from the "wash out" that is forecast for Essex on Sunday and Monday.

I'll be on a diet once all the chocolate and buns have been finished as our daughter's second graduation ceremony takes place in July which I want to look a bit trimmer for. She has had a change of career and will be qualifying as a primary school teacher. She has been applying for full time teaching positions and, did you know, that applicants are now interviewed by a panel of children. Whatever is happening in our schools :roll: ?



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    Thankyou Janet..I do love Easter time...I hope you have a lovely meal..and enjoy the chocolate.. :D yes you have time to slim down so don't worry..wishing your daughter good luck with her new career...good for her xx
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    thankyou knuckleduster
    and happy easter to you, thats great when the children do so well
    and good luck to her in her career i know when my daughter passed her
    graduation it was a proud moment for us to :D
    think ill have to lay off chocolate after easter and loose some weight.
    happy easter to all. :lol:
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    Thank you Janet and to you too. Hope you have a lovely meal, congratulations to your daughter you must be so proud of her. Have a great weekend..............Marie x
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    thank you very much - a happy Easter to you too



    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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    Thank you, Janet, and the same to you :D
    "The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Kahlil Gibran
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    Happy Easter to you Janet! My OH has got plenty of Easter Eggs to keep him happy after all he is a big Kid! Me I'll get eat my Haribo's!!
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    Happy Easter Janet.
    Take care
    Carol xx