Is it just joint pain or is there much more besides?

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Over the past 14 years, (!), I've been variously diagnosed as having AS, RA, PsA, Fibromyalgia and now it's back to (possible) PsA, which would sense given that I have had psoriasis for 34 years. :o

But, with the pain I get flare-ups when I just want to curl up and shut out the world. A 'foginess' can persist for weeks and roaring bad heads don't help. :(

Is this possible with PsA or any arthritis for that matter?


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    Hello, I am not a member of the Helplines but I spotted your post. The pain and fatigue etc. is common to all forms of auto-immune arthritis when it's flaring (and it can flare despite any meds one might be taking). Auto-immune arthritis is one determined beast (well, actually, nearer 200 determined beasts) and flares can last for months. I have PsA, plus OA and fibromyalgia but of the three the PsA is the worst. DD
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    Dear Dvaidr,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. You seem to be describing a range of experiences - that you've had different kinds of inflammatory arthritis and even fibromyalgia diagnosed over time, and that now you are wondering whether all of the health effects can be explained by the current diagnosis.

    And I'm not sure whether there will ever be a satisfactory explanation - but other forum members will probably echo many of your descriptions. Not everyone's flares will always feel similar anyway, but the times when the immune system is working extra hard (i.e. a flare) can often be associated with fatigue. You can have more than one kind of arthritis - so if you have a lot of sleep disturbance, or difficulties managing long term pain, you might still have some fibromyalgia - I'm only mentioning that because you mentioned feeling foggy. Getting things diagnosed is not always the answer.

    Underneath what arthritis is called lies the major issue which is the need to keep self-managing. I wonder whether you'd like to give us a ring and talk about how you are dealing with things day to day. If you would like some support with how it's going why not give us a call?

    If you'd like a pack of information, just email your details to [email protected]

    or have a look at:

    I hope that's helpful