'Minor car accident'

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Last week, we stopped at some traffic lights at the bottom of a hill and the woman behind immediately ran into us. Mr SW got out and inspected the car but there was no damage. Now, being of a suspicious and misanthropic nature :oops: , I would have exchanged details with the other driver in case anything turned up later (It hasn't) but he he likes to be affable and easy-going and didn't. She accepted it was her fault (Couldn't really deny it :roll: ) but as no damage was done to either car we just drove off. She did take a photo of our bumper though which was fair enough as, for all she knew, we might have subsequently claimed all sorts of damage. End of?

Not sure. We have since had two phone calls (Asian accents, of course) saying someone in the household has recently been involved in a minor road accident. (The latest one was from a Mission Advice?) I've taken both and just denied it and they go away but this is something new in nuisance calls for us. Is it because of the bump? How could they know unless the woman driver had reported it? Why on earth would she report it as her car wasn't damaged either and she was entirely to blame? What's to gain?

Or, is it just pure coincidence coupled with mild paranoia on my part :?


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    Just a thought sticky
    mabe shes claiming, stating, (whiplash) you know an easy way for
    quick moneys/...
    it does happen so often now, claim, claim, lets hope im wrong.
    let us no how you get on
    somehow i dont think its just coincidence .
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    Sticky they are chancing their arm that people have had an accident so they can try and talk you into taking advice from whoever they are working for so they can charge a chunk from the compensation. It is just pure coincidence i'm sure. I have had quite a few similar calls(one just last week) and have retorted that I must have amnesia I don't remember any accident they are not long cutting you off. I am certain it is just nuisance phone calls I personally wouldn't worry about it :wink: xx
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    SW my OH had one of those a few days ago..and he hasn't had a accident fora few years now..so they are doing the rounds..they know if they do so many calls they are bound to come across someone that has.. :roll:
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    I would say co-incidence but who knows? There are many rackets out there so get thee a proper ref's whistle; when the next call happens deafen the twerp at the other end with a good, long blast. DD

    PS My husband gets many texts about PPI, no-win-no-fee claims companies etc. etc. etc. He deletes them without opening or replying.
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    This happened to me in Rhyl a few years ago. The lady driver who came out of a side street without looking banged into my car.
    Subsequently I had my car repaired and that was it until I had phone calls
    saying she was claiming injuries compensation. Luckily I had two witnesses
    who said they'd seen her driving recklessly. It never went any further gladly.
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    Glad you were both ok Sticky Ive had these calls and I don't even have a car so I would say it is probably pure coincidence.
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    Thank you everyone for your input. It does seem as if it was pure coincidence but we haven't had the car 'ambulance chasers' before only the industrial injuries ones. Next time (And I'm sure there will be a next time) I'll ask what makes them think we have. Watch this space :wink:
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    I had them phone me a few weeks ago and I don't have a car.
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    It is possible she is making a claim. I have read that the first some people hear is from the injury claim company but cannot remember any outcomes.


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