One of the best cuppas to date.

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Picture the scene. It's 1.30am and I am coughing fit to bust. Husband is a-woken and slapping my back (so not helpful but bless him for trying) then he resorts to sighing. Frequently. :roll:

An hour later he snoozes whilst I am still awake and reading. The urge for a cuppa has increased over the previous 45 minutes and now the siren call of the kettle cannot be ignored any longer. Off I lurch to the kitchen, ensuring I shut the door to the hall so the noise of the kettle doesn't wake him. By the dim light of the moon I make a large mug and decide to take it back to bed.

It turns out to be the nectar of the gods. It's the usual mix of boiling water, Tetley and cow juice but there's something about the taste, the heat, the way it slides down and soothes my scratchy throat. It was one of the best cuppas to date and I am still smiling at the memory. The three I have consumed since nowhere near match the joy of that early-morning bit of racy-living. :wink:

Can you remember your best cuppa to date? DD


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    Hee DD my late mum used to say, the first cuppa taste the best, and how true that is...hope you feel better very soon..xx
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    Not a cuppa but the best drinks I can still remember were
    the three slugs of Bladnoch 10 year single malt that I downed
    after my release from eight weeks in the intensive care unit.
    It's well over three years ago now, but I can remember every
    sip. I just zoomed around on my zimmer, happily long sgo
  • dachshund
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    Hello DD
    i would rather have a latte at 110 when i've had brekie and my iron tab
    and been for a walk with the dogs.
    take care
    joan xx
  • stickywicket
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    All my best cuppas are firsts.
    First one after giving birth to my firstnorn.
    First one after my first endoscopy when I was put under. The nurse asked if I wanted one. "Hadn't you better do the endoscopy first?" I asked :roll:
    First one in England after a month in USA. Every time.
  • hileena111
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    Yes the first cuppa is the best......I'm not human until I have a couple of cups of coffee :lol:
    Drinking one now as I type this {still in pj's and waiting for pain killers to kick in ....a bit anyway :lol: }
  • tkachev
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    Some cuppas definately taste better than others. I think if you've had a long wait for one then they taste like 'nectar of the Gods' other times they get half drunk and discarded.

    The only time I was given a tea after giving birth Sticky I brought it back up again!

    Elizabeth x
  • mike26
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    Yessss that 1st cuppa goes down a treat
    im liking mine strong, along with a toasted hot cross bun with butter.
    think i heard that its standard practice for all english tanks to have a
    stove in to be able make a brew :o for our boys.
    a truly english thought.
    its amazing what a cuppa can do for us tho :)

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