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On the bottom of my repeat prescription it asks for me to make an appointment for said review,I tried online three days last week and today to discover that there is nothing to book for nearly four weeks so I resorted to the telephone as that would have been too late for my next repeat,I have a appointment for Tuesday morning next week,the receptionist said you can always book on line ,can you use a computer , :roll: given that they have my email address should have thought that went without saying there are no appointments available I told her, I will check she said oh yes you're right i will put some more up !! Mig


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    Admin.: it's the life-force of the NHS and it continually fails both practitioners and patients. I don't do anything on-line because I prefer the face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) approach, I find that tends to yield the better results for both them and me.

    I have never been summoned to the GPs for a meds review (probably because they don't prescribe the vital ones) but I know that the GP who is currently in charge of repeat scripts does check things over from time to time (or rather that is what I'm told!)

    The best thing is you have your review and I hope it goes well. DD
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    Oh Mig what a palaver for you, they don't make things easy do they..I will be thinking about you ..and hope it all goes well...xx
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    The online booking/repeat prescription thing is really useful when it works well, I use it regularly, but we are very lucky to have a super GP practise for whom I have nothing but the highest praise.

    Deb x
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    My GP does a meds review every year of those he prescribes. My surgery theoretically has an online booking system but only for very non-urgent stuff ie nothing within a week.
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    My prescription always says beside the needed **** even if its months away.
    I do my repeats online and even if its passed the review stage I get them......until I can get an appointment for a review. :?
    I think its just an automatic thing......they only ask me a few questions and rarely change them.
    Its a bit like my driving licence...I have well controlled epilepsy and every so often get a form in to renew the licence but its just things like has anything changed in the last 3 years NO, still taking the same meds YES a few things like that and then out comes your new licence :)
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    I've had so much trouble with the On-line appointment and prescription site, I've had to chase up prescriptions that haven't been delivered and confirm appointments that haven't come up on the site! I do think it's a good idea having the site and I do use it for all my prescription ordering and booking appointments but it needs checking regularly to get it running right!!