what should I do to keep from getting arthritis if I've.....

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been popping my neck 30 times a day since I was 13 and am now 28 years old? I went to a primary care center in fyffe alabama, a town close to where live, mind you this place is in the middle of no where and they can't keep doctors, a different doctor works there every 4 to 6 months, and 1 of the doctors kept acting weird like she was on dope or having a bad reaction to something i don't know it was weird as anything. and the doctor i asked about my neck was peed off ALL the time no matter what you say and do. and the clerk finally acted like I was stalking her and the nurse that worked there so I quit going there, but the doctor peed off said in order to keep from getting arthritis i just need to keep it moving, and moved his head forward, then back, then side to side and I said ok thanks. I also asked him if there was a pill I could take to prevent it because my dad had arthritis in his knees 7 years ago and my dad's doctor, not the one from dukes of hazard,, gave him a pill for it i forgot which one but the arthritis in my dad's knees went away 7 years ago. He just told me to keep it moving and said there was no pill like I'm stupid. I've been letting up alot on the neck popping, i only pop it 8 times a day now max, and I've also been moving it alot scared that it will break if I get osteoarthritis. In other words I'm getting ready to stop completely but don't want to cause too much of a large change cause it could start arthritis. And one kind of arthritis osteo i think it is, cause bones to grow between bones, and there's like 50 quadrillion bones in the neck, if i move it too much it will break, not now but after osteoarthritis if I get that, I'm not really worried about it as there will probably be fake spines or something before I hit 65 years old but it would be alot cheaper and tick less people of if my neck stayed un broken, so what can I do to keep from getting arthritis please? or what's the best thing to do here to live the longest and keep my neck from breaking and getting arthritis? thx for your time :)


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    Oh dear
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    Hello uppity22 and welcome to the forum.

    I'm not sure there's anything anyone can do to prevent arthritis. Even with the auto-immune forms if you have the genes and get unlucky you get an auto-immune form of arthritis. But you can also not have the genes and still get unlucky. Life is a lottery. Your best bet for a healthy life is to eat healthily, don't smoke, don't drink to excess, get regular exercise and keep your weight down.

    That will help with osteoarthritis too but it won't stop you getting it. There is possibly some genetic element to that also but the docs are only just beginning to think on those lines. It can also set in on the site of a former break. There are lots of variables but I don't think that popping joints is one of them.

    I've had osteo in my neck for years. I got it as a result of my rheumatoid arthritis. My neck moves very little now and I've been told none of the bones in my neck are where they should be but they've fused not broken. I can't, off-hand, recall anyone on these forums saying their neck had broken as a result of their arthritis.

    So, keep exercising it and eating healthily and then just enjoy life, would be my advice. Why go looking for trouble?
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    If you're going to get arthritis you're going to get arthritis because life itself causes arthritis, end of. Just like other life conditions some get it and some don't and some like to think they have arthritis when they don't which is probably why theirs 'goes away' after a magic pill (ever heard of sugar pills? They do nothing but the patient feels better). I don't know what you mean by neck popping but that sounds like a habit to break because anything that stresses the joints in unnatural ways won't help matters. DD
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    Hello uppity22 and welcome
    I went to the gym for over 30 years had a good diet including lots of calcium but sill got OA i multiple joints, yes you have to keep the joints moving or they could fuse, especially the back and neck..bone growth is cause because your body is trying to compensate but got it wrong...
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    ok thanks guys, i know i probly over did it on the first post but thanks anyways, i feel better now, thanks
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