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Hi all :)

I was wondering... when you have had your blood tests what do you get told about your crp results to go in your blood monitoring book?

I used to be told the score, for e.g crp 15 or 34. Now they have a new policy. Im either told its simply <8 (below 8) or >8 (above 8)!!
I was told today its above 8, but that dosent really tell me much. was it 9? or 59? haha.

Does anyone else just get their crp results like that?


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    My GP fills in my blood results in my blue book every time I put in a prescription request for my meth but the CRP levels are never recorded. I've no idea what they are.
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    Mine are still given to me as a number, mind you I'm no longer on mtx. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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    I always ask the receptionist for a printout of my blood results. It is very detailed.
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    Hi rosycheeks
    every time i have blood test about 3 days later the results are back
    and i get the receptionest or nurse to fill out results into my booklet card
    hope this helps.
    best wishes mike26..