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After an absence from the NHS of approx 4 months sick leave for Fibromyalgia, arthritis post spine surgery I have been back in the office today, its my first days of a month phased return. Unfortunately I have discovered a breast lump so Thursday I have to attend a 4 hour appt at hospital where I'll have a mammogram, ultrasound, aspiration and possibly a biopsy, bad timing or what but health must come first..........I'm sure my work colleagues are thinking whatever next??


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    Never mind your colleagues, I'm thinking exactly the same thing; as if you haven't had enough to deal with up pops something else. I am pleased that you are getting this dealt with so promptly and please let us know the outcome. DD

    PS Are you very tired after your first day back?
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    I'm absolutely with DD, sheenakt. We do all seem to get periods in our lives when the problems just seem to be queueing up for us. I hope this lump proves to be harmless but it has to be sorted no matter how bad the timing. I did have breast cancer about 23 years ago. I had a mastectomy and chemo but it was one bit of me that was sorted permanently, unlike the arthritis :roll:

    Please let us know how you go on. And take some of these with you on Thursday. (((())))
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