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Why nervous? Well I don't usually do forums for a start and secondly I'm very much a don't like to make a fuss kind of person. I'm also very aware that there are many people whose arthritis is worse than mine and so feel a bit of a fraud.
A year ago I went to my GP with a clicking neck and shoulder pain and in July was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis which was putting pressure on my spinal cord and nerves. I had surgery at the end of February and while it has sorted the muscle weakness in my left arm and shoulder :D still left me neededing to use a walking stick and has done little to resolve the pain :( . I'm due to start physio next month and plan to return to work in September.
I suppose I just feel a bit anxious, wondering about the longer term ... work, hobbies etc.

Sorry to ramble on, and I don't usually feel this sorry for myself. Just one of those days.


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    Hello slosh
    And a warm welcome from me, I was nervous when I first joined the forum, but everyone is so kind and supportive, with what you have gone through I am sure you will be able to help other has well..just jump in any question post in living with arthritis and we have chitchat were we talk about all sorts of things..hope to see you around... :D
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    Hello and welcome, slosh :) It's lovely to meet you but sorry you had 'the qualifications' to come here :roll: Mine is RA but OA joined in some years ago. My neck moves very little but doesn't hurt much and doesn't seem to be impacting on anything else.

    I've never believed in looking too far into the distance. What I do know is that my RA, over 50 years, has curtailed lots of things but I've still managed to enjoy life and take up something new for everything I had to give up. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

    Please wander about here and join in anywhere you like. I think the Arthritis Care forum is the first – and only – for many of us, certainly for me.

    I hope the physio helps a lot. I don't know where I'd be without my daily exercise routine but I know it wouldn't be as good as where I am with it :D
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    Thanks for the welcome. Feeling better today emotionally and also having a slightly better day in terms of pain.
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    Hello Slosh, I only 'do' one forum and it's this; I couldn't believe my luck when I came across it, suddenly there were many people who were experiencing similar troubles to me and who understood the trials (many) and tribulations (many) of trying to live with this blasted disease in all its weird and wonderful variations. It has made the quality of my life much better and that has to be a good thing.

    Why feel a fraud? We're all afflicted to varying degrees but any form of this dross is a total outrage and affront. The sheer ubiquity of arthritis does not help its public profile, plus the fact that we lack the 'glamour' of the more dramatic diseases. As Roberta Flack so nearly sang 'arthritis is killing me softly'. :wink: I have psoriatic arthritis which has led to osteo in some very useful joints and fibromyalgia. It's not fun but it's what I have so I have to make the best of it. Don't be nervous or shy, come and talk to us because we know our stuff and we are very supportive. I wish you well. DD
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    Thank you for that. Feeling very pleased I took the plunge. Off to see my GP later to discuss pain relief and a few post op things.